ITF Taekwon-Do Classes

We pride ourselves on offering something for everyone! We offer the following:Regular training classes

  • Tiny Tigers class
  • Kids Class
  • Youth/Adult class
  • Creaking Warriors class
  • Self-Defense classes
  • Tournaments
  • Specialty Training course.
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Training Equipment for sale

We carry a large selection of training gear:

  • Doboks (uniforms)
  • Sparring Gear
  • Training manuals
  • Mouth Guards
  • Belts
  • Apparel
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Competition is a huge part of what we do as an organization. We offer the following:

  • Regional Tournaments (Friendship tournaments)
  • Provincial championships
  • Eastern & Western Championships
  • Nationals
  • Friendship tournaments around the world
  • World Championships
  • World Cup

We feel that competition is a valuable tool for helping athletes learn:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Set Goals
  • Develop a Training Plan
  • Learn to deal with pressure & perform under pressure
  • Learn to self-evaluate their performance & adjust their training plan to allow them to meet their goals
  • Meet new people & make new friends
  • Compare their skills to their peers
  • Judge & Referee
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Martial Arts - Harmony Taekwon-Do

We are proud members of the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

Our motto is, "We train to fight so that we don't have to!"

We are a family oriented club that offers many programs for all levels of athletic ability. We offer the following:

  • Tiny Tigers - 4-6
  • Kids - 7-12
  • Youth/Adult - 13+
  • Creaking Warriors - for anyone who would like to train but isn't ready for the regular adult classes due to age or physical limitations
  • Competitions - for all athletes who would like to compete
  • Self-defense seminars

We pride ourselves on student development. Our goal is to help instill discipline, confidence, self-control, the ability to focus, set goals & how to make a plan to achieve those goals.

Our classes are set up to allow students to work at their pace, train in a safe & fun atmosphere.

The ITF is a global organization with training programs around the world:

  • International Instructor courses
  • International Umpire courses
  • Harmony course
  • Kids course
  • International Do course

The Itf offers competitions for all athletes:

  • Regional tournaments
  • Provoncial tournaments
  • Estern & Western Championships
  • Friendship tournaments in other countries
  • National Championships
  • World Championships
  • World Cup

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